My painting on Design Love Fest

Well, kind of. I spy one of my 18x18 paintings in Bri's stunning new living room. I love love love! I am sure that you already read her blog, or maybe even follow her on instagram (she is in Paris right now, so I am hanging along :)

Not only do I love this room, but I feel good when I see my art in the home of a person who cares about their home! You know, a peson like me. So good.

1. White walls, must copy asap in my bedroom. Been saying that for a while now.
2. Plants! Soo good for the soul.
3. Love the white coffee table, and console by Bu Dot. I have the coffee table in my studio, I luuurv it.

4. Hello large framed beach art. I want to put something like this over my book cases in my bedroom. I am hoping that when I am in Miami in six weeks, I might get some nice shots that I might frame.


  1. Your painting looks fantastic in her home! I also adore those rugs under the table in that last shot.

    1. me too. I like how bright they are.

  2. Your painting fits in beautifully! What a compliment, her home is fantastic. xx

  3. I have never actually read Bri's blog but I saw the room reveal on Emily Henderson's blog. She's been teasing it for months so I was happy to finally see what she put together for Bri. Such a perfect blend of vintage and modern. I spied your painting there too.

    I purchased an Antonia print for my sister-in-law at Xmas time, but ended up keeping it myself. Hmm ... I guess I owe her one.


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