Monday, April 15

Recognizing my needs aren't silly

So this morning I was getting ready for my usual Monday: coffee, chug a bunch of water, answer emails, stuff a banana in my mouth on the way to the gym, do 30 mins of cardio, then work out with my trainer...then more cardio...then go to the studio and work like a beast getting out orders, scramble to the post office....drag myself home.

I have been tired lately, can you tell. I noticed that every blog post lately has been whiny, or I say I am so tired. Cuz, well. I am tired! Ever since I got adrenal fatigue I get tired more easily. So easy to write, much harder to remember. You know when you are tired and you say, oh yes well thats because I was up all night, and I did six hours of yard work in the sun yesterday! Well, I get that kind of tired sometimes, but the day before I didn't do all that stuff. I was just normal, but I feel tired like an Egyptian slave.

My travel style inspiration.
Although, this weekend I kinda rocked it epic style, but not making a pyramid in the sun kinda action. Anyway. I woke up today, felt my body begging me to take it easy and did my usual justification in my head..."well you can't be tired, you gotta push through, give it 110%"...Then I remembered that I am a grown woman, in her 30's! gasp. I have a responsibility to take care of myself and listen to myself.

More travel style inspiration. Lets see what I can do hmmm.
I cancelled my trainer appointment, scheduled lunch with a friend, and am about to walk my puppies on this soggy day. They love puddles. Puddles are like puppy crack.

I am going to pack, go to the post office and maybe try to buy some trainers right quick.


  1. That's a good thing to remember. We gotta look after ourselves, because most of the time no one else is going to do it for us.

  2. But i do love your energy of going through your routine... it's good! that's why we can cherish breaks so much..

  3. thanks for the honest words. hard being a biz owner. sometimes ya just need to sleep in. xo - em (

  4. It can be very hard to slow down and take care of yourself when you have so much you want to do. I love that trench you have pictured here!


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