Thursday, May 9

Could you live in a loft?

I kinda can't stop trolling over this listing for Simon Upton's loft in Notting Hill, London. (hello Julia Roberts could like totally come knocking on the door.) I love the all white, the tasteful, industrial touches like the metal railing, painted brick and concrete, the lucite? "so you don't fall from the bedroom" guard. Decor wise I like, kinda Hemingway - Out of Africa ish. I would personally need less clutter, but how bang'n is that huge wall orgy over the long console thingy? Epic.

If I lived here with O he would be constantly draping his old t-shirts over that lucite wall, and I would be constantly rolling my eyes at him for it.

I wish O would keep his office this neet. I think you might feel like you are coming off of a crack high if you saw it. I mean, all itchy and grossed out. Isn't that what crack is like?

This is that console thingy I was talking about. Love the black and white, reflection of the glass serving as texture, and the pop of red. The proportions...all great. Hate the fabric hanging though...and the rug. Not pictured is the private rooftop terrace. You had me at roof...the perfect spot for a place to chillax.


  1. ahhh, a wonderful daydream...beautiful light and space. Can relate to the t-shits...these folks must be cooler than me and my husband

    1. I know. I dont' think I could get O to clean up after himself enough. We could do a loft so long as there was at least one space with a door where he could practice his own kind of junk torneado decorating.

  2. Can you please just never stop being you? You make me smile and laugh in the middle of many a boring workday. Thank you! :) Emily from


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