Thursday, August 22

Help me choose a print!

Hi y'all, I am placing my next order with the printer for the fabulous pre-stretched canvas prints. I am re-ordering the Bowtie print, and also adding some new ones! Dark n Stormy for one (you should see the proofs on these! So great, you can't tell it isn't an original, I swear.) Anyway so I also want to add either Bermuda Biangle, or End of End...which one would you choose? Or should I do both, are they different enough?


Help me decide. Which one do I go for, or should I make both of them into a pre-stretched canvas print. What else would you like to see as a print?


  1. If you only went with one, I would choose Bermuda Biangle... the colors are amazing! But I could see them both in a collection. :)

  2. I agree, I like Bermuda Biangle - but they're both gorgeous!

  3. I love them both but would love End of End!

  4. THE BOTTOM ONE .. it has caught my eye everytime... loooooove it

  5. Haha.. if you can do both, do both! They are both amazing and my opinion is that they are different enough. I always love looking at your work!

  6. Please make available as a stretched canvas print 'oh, I do like you' - it's brilliant.

  7. The last one - it jumps right off of my screen. Vibrant and alive.


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