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Thanks to all of your for your feedback on my question about which print to have made. I decided to do both, since the feelings were so strong about it! They will both be available as pre-stretched canvas prints in a 36x48 size by October 15th. Also, thanks for your well wishes about Graniph. Y'all be da best.

Southern Creative's Social Society people! We will have another meeting in mid October. Our lovely friend Jessica Durrant will be heading that particular meeting up, so I will relay info, and a new flier as soon as we get our collective shit together.

P.S. You can pre-order the Bowtie Canvas Print here. They are back-ordered until October 15th.

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  1. I missed your previous post somehow, so belated congratulations. Are you taking on the fashion world now, too!?

  2. Eu perdi o post anterior de alguma forma, parabéns por isso tardias. Você está tomando no mundo da moda agora, também?

  3. Hi Michelle, may I ask for the link where you found this photograph? I have been looking for vintage photographs and love this one. Thanks! Pam

    1. Pinterest mah dear! http://pinterest.com/marmas/tee-to-the-hee/


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