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I bought this rug! I am pretty stoked, don't have it yet, but I knew you would want to see.

 10x13 size, I paid 1400usd. I think thats a pretty good price considering the size, and it's wool and antique but in perfect condition. It has a low pile (meaning it isn't fluffly, and its dyed with vegetable dyes, so its soft and muted from the years of use.) Plus its pretty much perfect in terms of color for our space. (I called them today because there were two listings for this rug, and I wanted to make sure I wasn't getting duped. I spoke with someone who was very helpful, explained that the duplicate listing was an error and confirmed that my rug is already out the door. eek!)

We have a 13x13 sized room to deal with, and we really need a carpet in there for various reasons. I priced having a new wool carpet cut and bound but even my least favorite ones still came in at over 2k. Even the synthetic ones were around 1500 at the very cheapest. They would have covered a little more area, about two extra feet along the one side of the room, but that didn't satisfy me. (The carpet I really wanted to use in that room was silk bamboo, an was 3500usd for a 12x12 size!!) Hell to the no.

Enter Flor. (remember when I used Flor in my home studio?) I like Flor, and if I wanted a soft underfoot option for that room (and I do) then I was looking at around 1500usd to cover a 12x12 area. That doesn't include the stickers (they are expensive, but very, very strong), or shipping. Don't get me wrong, I like Flor a lot, and its a local company too. But, its kind of like buying a new car, you loose so much value after you install the tiles because its hard to re-sell them. I prefer to spend money on items that can be re-sold. I have commitment problems you see. Also, I prefer always to buy used things/or hand made for our home/in general, it makes me feel cozier.

I did about 25 or more long internet and eBay searches looking for a large rug (over the course of a year, I take long time on stuff and plan ahead). I wanted something less floral, more geometric or tribal and not red. Muted, soft and at least 10x13, but was also considering 9x12. Once I decided that 1500 usd was the budget option, I put that as the maximum to spend on a rug and searched eBay every day. Once I found this one I pounced. Literally two seconds after O gave me the okey dokey I bought it. 

This is the very first purchase in our home-improvement efforts this year which include making over the office, creating a nursery, stripping and re-sealing the front porch, new dishwasher, range, master bedroom re-do including total closet re-organization and design, and bathroom updates including vanity, lighting, mirrors and hardware (I wish we were doing gut remodels, but I am taking deep breaths and holding tight for for this week because I change my mind all the time.)

Update: I bought it at DCRUGS. If I had more cash I would buy this one. I can't attest to the customer service or quality yet, b/c I don't actually have the rug in my possession. I will update!


  1. Its gorgeous! Can I ask where you got it? We are looking for an antique threadbare rug also - Fabulous!

    1. I updated the listing with the store link, and my favorite rug on their site :)

  2. It is ammaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing. The number of a's in that last sentence don't even come close to describing how gorgeous that rug is.

  3. that thing is REDUMBCULOUSTIC! is that a soft pink??!!! shit.

  4. That is just beautiful. I can't wait to see what it looks like in your house. It's so hard to find the right rug and you seem to have hit the jackpot.

  5. AMAZING! This is exactly what I've been looking for, but in a smaller size. Nice find!


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