Tuesday, August 20


I have been thinking about how to have more adventures in our lives lately. Or, how to make our life an adventure in itself! Having a child will be a huge adventure, and I am starting to really get a little baby crazy. I have never been "baby crazy" whatever that is. But now when I see a cute, chubby, gurgly baby I feel compelled to hold that creature. I have to make myself not go freak out poor mothers with my crazy!

That brings me to the post I read today on Cup of Jo, about being a mother in Mexico. I love Mexico, and I love Mexicans. I always want to just talk to everyone when I am there and I often fantasize about moving there for a few years and just letting it change me for a while. I could ship my paintings from Mexico right!! What adventure do you want to take?

Great street art, right? Also fresh fruit. I guess you just go there, eat the fruit, stay home for a week on the pooper, then get over it right?

Oh dear, adorable children in hats. Hold me back.

Ps. I am choosing Marco Polo for the name of that painting name (thanks jenni!), it was mostly random. Thank you guys for bringing the goods on that! I am going to ask you again, so stay primed.

pss. The rug is getting cleaned this week, so I will post some photos when we finally have it installed in our office. Its so pretty in person, and weighs about 100 lb, no joke.


  1. Instead of "it was mostly random," I'm going to go ahead and read that as, "I chose the name because I really like Jenni. She is cool. We are best blog friends forever." Should you ever end up having a little Mexican baby, I will be happy to help you name him/her as well. ;)


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