Monday, May 14

Redhook's Erie Basin

I really want to go check out this store in Red Hook, Brooklyn. They offer select 19th and early 20th century jewelry and objects with contemporary stylistic and cultural relevance. This spring Erie Basin is showing the work of Benedicte, Natalia Brilli, and R Jewellery to name a few. Plus they have an online shop! I love these handmade silver and beautifully polished labradorite earrings.


  1. gaudy baubles symptomatic of consumerist disease

  2. Anonymous: Thank you! Wow, I have seen the light of my diseased consumerist ways. It never occurred to me that MY blog about art and things I like...Here I am being selfish and all "consumery" when there are brave people like you out there spreading the truth. Keep up the good fight, you fucking looser.


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