Wednesday, May 23

Funay Stuff

You will enjoy this if a. you have ever been high on cold medicine, b. if you have ever had a brain fart, I am guessing that goes for all of you...enjoy. I just listened to this little ditty and laughed so loud at work that I scared the crap out of my friend...sorry. It is hysterical, I just got over a cold....and this is how I felt for dayzzzzz. Thanks Dooce, you da best.


  1. That clip is really funny. Kind of reminded me Paula Abdul! Just realized I never added you to my blog roll. So now you're in there! Have a great weekend,

  2. AnonymousMay 26, 2007

    hi michelle,
    thanks for the nice comment :) you have a delightful blog yourself! hope you feel better, i have gone through both a & have allergies :P
    would love to swap blog links with you!
    xo jamie


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