It was so great to get away, I played soo much during the day, and ate wonderful dinners at night. We stayed in another part of South Beach this time and do not recommend it. If anyone has questions, go ahead and ask away, but I will not diss out right. Except to say that O and I were at the Tides Hotel and had dinner at their restaurant La Marea, and it was a huge let down. $34 for a mound of fish the size of a deck of cards...that was their whole fish dinner too...couldn't event tell it was a fish...and $14 for one scallop...seriously peeps. Stick with Marks if you are heading down to SoBe. Side Note: The Tides is beautiful, and so is the restaurant, it feels like the coziest house party.


  1. Glad you had a nice time in South Florida. I've ate lunch at Marks Mizner, I had some sort of mushroom garlic pizza, it was pretty good.


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