Thursday, May 31

Moving to Atlanta

Yup, it is official, O and I are moving to Atlanta at the end of the summer, going back home. I love so many things about Atlanta, hmmm lets, so many wonderful restaurants... I will miss New York dearly, oh so dearly.
YO: Side note check out Ma Vie en Rose


  1. I was really liking Ma vie En Rose, but did she stop blogging or something? hasn't posted in awhile. Also, I am considering selling some things on e-bay like you're doing. Just curious, did you only buy those shoes to sell them? Or were they yours, and you're just making cash now that you're done with them? Hope that made sense...I'm trying to figure out what items of mine are "sellable" basically.

  2. I love NYC too, but the South is home. :)

  3. AnonymousJune 06, 2007

    good luck with the move :)


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