Moss and Moma

I went to the Moma this weekend, it was amazing, of course. My favorite section was the graphic design, and furniture and industrial design area. I fell in love with this amazing glass wear set designed by Josef Hoffmann in 1912. It is made with clear mouth blown mat crystal with hand painted enamel using a technique, "in which a crystal surface is decorated in a brownish-black enamel, is called "Bronzitdekor" and was developed by Hugo Max only a short time previous to the design of Series B. Designs using this technique were Hoffmann's first for Lobmeyr." I found them online at Soho's Moss design store. At $250 a pop for the goblets, I will not be purchasing them any time soon, but wouldn't it just the a perfect gift for the person who has everything? I will post my pictures from Moma soon, for all of you who don't get to go :)Domino also featured the designer in their magazine!! How cool, I just got it and opend it up and almost peed my pants, I love Domino, so right on trend.


  1. I hope you are loving your new job. In the meantime, I'm still digging your blog. Hope you are great.


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