Perfect winter coat....and I think I like this couch. It looked just like fall from my window today, the way the light was, and the breeze, it just felt like fall. That means coats and couches. Do you like this color, I thought it was a little different, I would put Lena's red pillow on it...


  1. Oh that coat is perfect! And I do like the color of the couch, not something I see very often :)


  2. Now wouldn't that coat be gratuitous given where you're headed? If you purchase that coat, you would have to stay in nyc in order to wear it, naturally.

  3. love that coat, and the couch!

    it was a bit chilly here today...even smells a tad fallish....

  4. OK, so it is settled, I have to get the coat. A, it does get cold in Atlanta, I mean, it doesn't snow every year, but it can ice over and everything!

  5. love the coat. it's been so fall-like in nyc recently. aren't high necks so cozy and gorgeous?

  6. You and my brother and his wife would all get along swimmingly if sofa choice had anything to do with friendships! You once featured their Craigslist posting for a little sofa they were selling, and now you've posted a picture of the sofa they recently bought (I think).
    And that coat?!? Vavavoom!


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