Monday, November 12

Finn Style

I love FinnStyle, I have a beautiful serving tray from there, and I just about want everything on that site. I already showed O the ittala Taika dinnerware because I really love them, hint hint. Right now until 11.15.07 enjoy free shipping on any order over $100, enter ship388 checkout.


Here is a peek at what Domino did with my beloved dishes, sweet huh.


  1. i too am coveting these dishes!

  2. the details in the plates are gorgeous!

  3. Very sweet. The berries, driftwood and coarse linen set off *your* pretty pieces so nicely.

  4. Awesome! Thanks for the head's up.

  5. I love the Taika dishes too, just bought a mug as a gift for a friend. And I love seeing the Domino photo, it looks so fresh. (For some reason I don't think the dishes would've been photographed like this in a Finnish mag - I like this very much.)

    About Finnish culture, I'm of course happy you see it that way! :) And maybe we should too. Just that many Finns, especially ones who've been travelling outside Europe, tend to complain how our culture lacks joy. I think it's important to see good things in my own culture and value them, though, even if I do enjoy learning about others and find them fascinating. So, it's really interesting to hear how someone not living here sees our culture.

    Ha, you thinking about doughnuts was so funny! I actually posted a comment in my own post about doughnuts but wanted to come here to ramble about Finnish culture... Maybe I should write a blog entry instead. :) Sorry about too-long comments.

  6. i've seen these and have been lusting after them ever since. lovely!

  7. love that decanter. and the design on the plates are byoot too.

    miss ya chick.

  8. i love the awesome table setting.

  9. Thanks for the mention... we're glad you like everything. The Taika line has been really popular. You can see other works by the artist, Klaus Haapaniemi, at his website:


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