Thursday, November 29

Meg Werner

I got some really beautiful photos in the mail today that I ordered from Etsy seller Meg Werner. I learned about her from the fabulous Maditi Likes.

I chose two prints from her Colorado series and she had them enlarged. I just love how abstract it looks. I will put it up soon, but since we have really hard plaster walls, I have to wait for O to use a drill and a special screw so we don't hurt the plaster.

OH, and check out the 5x7 rug from Urban Outfitters that I scored for NINE DOLLARS!


  1. oh i love that photograph!
    (and the rug is stellar and an amazing steal)

  2. love the photograph!

    maditi also finds the best things.

  3. Maditi does an amazing job, doesn't she?!? And that rug - 9 dollars? Score!

  4. thanks so much for posting this! i am so very glad you like them. megxx


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