Monday, November 26

Slavic Brass and Girl Crush!

Hope you had a nice Turkey day! On a totally unrelated note, if you have not heard of Nellie McKay, and you like witty music with a beautiful voice, you have to check her out. I have a total girl crush on her.

Also, dreaming of Slavic Soul Party as the best wedding band...I saw them live in Brooklyn and it was just as fun to watch as to listen as to dance, so a triple whammy... If you live in New York, go check them out at Barb├ęs, on 9th street and 6th Ave in Park Slope...right by my old place....sigh.


  1. I think I'm crushing on your crush. Thanks for introducing! :D

  2. "Won't U Please B Nice" is one of my favourites...seemingly innocuous with a razor-sharp edge!


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