Friday, November 9

Thank the LAWRD it's Friday

Left over apple tart with lemon creme for breakfast, I only did that one day and then gave my sister the left over tart. If you have some extra apples laying around, this is soo easy and yummy. I usually leave all of the sugar out of the recipe, and always always always make your own crust (without sugar).


  1. Delish. The photo is lovely. And the recipe seems just right (straightforward, simple, and rum!) A perfect offering for this fall weekend.

  2. I second the Friday thing. John's been in Wyoming several days this week and I'm about to go crazy with the babies. All day is a LONG time. I think we'll take them to Denver's Natural Science museum tomorrow.

    The tart looks great. Apples are on sale here...dollar/lb. I wonder if I could do "no sugar". I made French onion soup last night for the first time and it was great for a cool evening. Also a caesar club chicken sandwich from the Barfoot Contessa...lots of trouble but yummy.

    Have a good weekend

  3. My favourite is to eat leftover chocolate cake for breakfast. It makes yours look nutritious by comparison! Love the shoes...

  4. Sounds scrumptious! I love eating dessert for breakfast!

  5. I just had a tart... and now you've made me hungry for another. ;)

  6. Looks so yum, and apples without sugar is perfection, the way they should be. Sometimes leftover desert is just what you need for breakfast especially on a friday!

  7. Very tasty!! I'm having cravings now! Hope you had a good weekend. :-)


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