Wednesday, May 19

What do you think?

I bought this fabric at Mood with my mother about three years ago when I lived in New York, remember that? HA! It feels like a dream I once had, even though I can still give pretty precise directions for some areas of the city. Anyway.

Do you think it is too traditional for this style of chair? The fabric is basic linen, very textural, nice. I would have double piping all over, except along the bottom, where there would be nail head trim.

Yes? No?
Update: The very evening I took these images, I was despairing over what fabric to use for these chairs. (I do realize they are just chairs, just saying.) I went online to one of my favorite places just to have a peek, and was oogling my favorite pattern, completely beyond my means! Poo, but I told myself no worries, something will come along, you just have to go with the flow. The next morning I saw the very.same.fabric for sale on a blog I frequent for a third of the price, exactly the amount I wanted, in the exact print I would have hello, meant to be. I couldn't believe it. So, I bought it. I ended up spending the money I saved to have the labor done, so I have to re-save, but it is worth it. I will have to surprise you.


  1. I like it. Are you going to refurbish it yourself? I'll be really impressed if you do! I'm a DIY everything and anything kinda gal.


    P.S. - I'm the worst at directions so high five to you for still remembering them!

  2. AnonymousMay 19, 2010

    I love it. The chair is traditional/colonial type, no? So then, it would probably look atrocious with a Marimekko print. I think this fabric is just right. Plus the fabric has been calling to you--for three years! ha ha! Please send me pics with what you decide to do. Good luck and cheers!

  3. I actually like the tension between the more formal fabric and less formal chair. I think the streamlined shape of the chair will make the fabric sing even more than if it was all over a chunkier arm chair.

  4. Yes.
    I watch Project Runway and see them get to go to Mood and think Oh I would love to go there.

  5. Ha! At first, I thought the chair had been recovered already... and very sloppily. So to answer the question you posed, my answer was "I think you need to find a new upholsterer." Then I realized the fabric is just draped over the chair. Me likes it.
    Yeah, remember New York? I guess we left at right about the same time.

  6. gorgeous fabric. go for it!


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