Monday, May 24

I love dressers for the entry, they are great storage (hello blankets for winter time, with lavender baggies inside so they smell good, duh), and so forth. I showed O from Craig's was not good enough, "too old lady," "too dorky," "too clunky." Sigh, he was right though, he noticed that the only dressers he liked were ones that had no lip hanging over the top, so the top of the dresser was the same width as the base. When I saw this one at my favorite local vintage store, Kudzu, I lunged at it! Nice straight lines, beautiful wood, original hardware! YES PLEASE. I had a $50 off coupon and everything, the stars were aligned. I am dreaming of a glass base lamp for it, and a mirror (I think.) For now, it has temporary artwork above it, for kicks.


  1. I love Kudzu and this is such a find. The hardware is beautiful!

  2. Sweet. Almost sort of art deco. Yepper. Its gonna look great with a mirror.

  3. Good find! Can't wait to see it all put together.

  4. I freaking love this find. Love it. Thank goodness for husbands - they can be good editors, you know. When I'm about to give up on a search for the perfect something and settle for the sake of being done, Barry keeps me from doing so. Sound like Mr. O did the same, 'cause this thing's a beauty.


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