Help me choose a rug

So, it came, and it WHUK? Yes blue, so back it goes, what a bummer, cuz I really loved that design. I went to read some reviews (note, if you buy a rug on overstock, make sure to read the reviews on all sizes offered of your rug, b/c they are all different.) So someone who bought one in another size said hers was a stone color, so there you have it.

Now you help me choose people! Which one? Leave your answer in my comments...duh what else are you going to do, speak into your screen? Yeesh.

This is the one O likes (less yellow, more ivory with gold and wheat, according to reviews)

This one (above)  is cool too, reviewers say it is "brighter" than the image shown here, with darker green and burn orange accents with gold and a beige background. Hm...

I should say shipping was 2.95, and return shipping is free, so good on ya Overstock. 


  1. AnonymousMay 13, 2010

    Top one. For sure.

  2. Erin (aka your stalker ;-)May 13, 2010

    I'm feeling the top one, CL BFF.

  3. Um.... top one. No questions.

  4. Hi, Just found your blog today, and I would also vote for the top one. It's really beautiful!

  5. I totally agree with all of you, the top one it is. Thanks :)


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