Friday, May 21

My printer and me

Blerg, this morning was supposed to be about projects, home projects. I like to spend Friday cleaning, and doing things that I look forward to all week, like weeding. I know, nerd. Instead, I have to fix my printer, it is sick, again. I wish expensive, professional printers came with free professional printer fixers! Blah!

I just had to make something though, do something! So, I whipped up this shower curtain. The one we had before was too short, and it kept getting stuck inside the shower, it grossed me out. I got this fabric for pennies at Fabric World (((love))). I like the stripe thing we got going on. I left the selvage, on account of its purdy. Notice the icky yellow still on the walls, but I got paint for it yesterday, so lets see how long it takes until I paint it.


  1. Love the curtain. of course, i love anything with stripes. But you really do have to get rid of that yellow. Seriously. Soon.

  2. AnonymousMay 23, 2010

    I'm not a fan of Yellow either. It took me a year to paint our bedroom, I don't know why--but one day I woke up and didn't feel at all cheery about it. So I painted it gray, finally. Gray is a tough color to do, because there are so many tints of gray that come out that you definitely don't want there: purple, baby blue, pink. It took me a few coats of different colors to get it right.


  3. xyQ, you are so right! Every time I went gray, it was either purple or blue, ewww Out with the Yellow!


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