Tuesday, May 18

Sheds and Bookcases

Tuesday and Thursdays are my "errands" days, the times I am allowed to leave the house for anything. So today I am going to buy paint and plants because we have a garden shed that is driving my poor O crazy. He can't stand the sight of it from the house, so we are going to paint it and plant around it. (He actually suggested we paint it...wait for it...CAMO this weekend.) I just nodded slightly and smiled, sure honey, figuring he would just forget out it. I wasn't about to explain why we couldn't have a camo painted shed in our yard. Then later he said he had changed his mind, hm, I guess he didn't forget about it. SOOO, I am taking matters into my own hands, lest we have a camo-tastrophy on our hands.

Kelly's shed is look'n good, lets hope ours turns out as good, I think it will, hello ivy.

Also going to buy three of these bookcases today, for the dining room (library.) WEEEEE


  1. Camo. Wow. That sounds like something my husband would want to do. Either that or hot rod flames. Boys.

  2. AnonymousMay 19, 2010

    I want a little shed just like that - to have as a playhouse in the garden. I should probably get the real house in order first though. Damn priorities.


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