Tuesday, November 16

Dude, bad dreams

I woke up vibrating form head to toe, inexplicably in bed while I swore I was running for my life from Pirates in Manhattan, stealing a burka off a woman's back (in a public bathroom stall at the Bloomies on Broadway), so I could pretend to be a blind Russian old lady??? Naturally. I had to hide from "Willie" the face expert British pirate captain who was hunting me down...

Girlfriend ate too many olives before bed. Also, I need to perfect my Russian accent for emergency use, you never know.

So, excuse me to wander off into my happy place; looking out over the Spanish countryside from a well appointed finca.

(not from the same house, this is a Parisian apt. if I remember correctly) I like the pattern overload in theory...this is the visual equivalent of my brain today. Enjoy, and don't eat before bed. From the archives of Belle Vivir.


  1. You know I could help you with that Russian accent. Hope you have sweet dreams tonight!

  2. ahaha This post is one of my favorites ever!

    Sorry about the weird dreams, though..I have had a few odd ones myself, this week. :/

  3. That kitchen -- so crazy and amazing!


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