Monday, November 8

Happy Monday

Wow, amazing! As my friend Floyd would say, "Balls to the Walls man."
By Kyle Field, via LA in Bloom

In other news, my new paintings look Japanese pop art to me, maybe they will to you too. And, it is a new week! So many opportunities, so many fun things planned, so much room for creation!


  1. Michelle I adore your work!! Really fabulous.

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    Art by Karena

  2. this is pretty rad. balls and all.

  3. This. Is. Beautiful. I am so feeling this color palette these days.

  4. This rocks. However, can we talk about how OBSESSED I am with Rosalia??? The colors, composition, all of it. I feel like there's a huge beautiful wave rolling through the landscape. INSANE!!

  5. I just wanted to let you know that your art reaches some deep untouchable part in my husbands psyche. He stares at the print in the bathroom (the one I won before you moved!). And now he has decided that he wants to borrow my paints to do an abstract piece of his own.
    *Just so you know.... he doesn't ever do stuff like that.


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