Friday, November 5

Friday House Clean

So today I would normally be cleaning the house, from top to bottom, like I do every Friday...but this is a differnet sort of day...

I hired a cleaning lady. And now I am painting, instead of cleaning. And it doesn't even feel weird. I thought it would, but nope, not weird.


  1. Nice! I need to do the same thing. We are just so busy and can't keep up.

  2. You're living the high life!

  3. HELZ yeah! That's the way to go. Next house for us: maid and handyman. Check!

  4. great post - thanks for sharing xxxxx

  5. cleaning ladies can transform your life! when i was pregnant with my second baby, my mom (as a baby gift) hired a cleaning lady for us. the intention was to let her go once the baby and i had a routine. but i couldn't do it and my husband agreed to keep her on!

    it's 5+ years later and now i have 3 kids and Agata is with us!

  6. When I can (once again) afford cleaning help, I will know I'm on the other side of this darkness.
    Enjoy every clean moment!!

  7. Those photos! Can you even imagine cleaning your home in a dress and pumps?


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