Tuesday, November 2

White Christmas tree

My two favorite white Christmas tree inspiration photos. I bought one this week, pre-wired. This year, I will be prepared! No more ghetto Christmas. I just have to decide what kind of ornaments now.

I bought this one, from Balsam Hill, 7.5 feet tall, on sale. I had a hard time deciding, and I looked at a lot of trees. I kind of also love the flocked look, like the one above. Here is a good option, if you are also looking. Another great one, here, is tall, but slimmer, and very pretty. And if I had a two story room, this one would look great!


  1. oooh, we're talking christmas already! yeah!
    i love white with gold...

  2. Now we're talking! I LOVE a white Christmas tree! I was just thinking maybe I should buy a fake one this year and the white has been a long time fave of mine! The aqua palette is stunning!

  3. oh my gawsh. i cant wait for christmas and that yellow tree! LOVES!

  4. I LOVE a white tree!!!! When I bought my fake pre-lit tree a few years ago I was on a serious budget and couldn't get the white one I really wanted. My father-in-law (who has LOTS of opinions and knows nothing about design!) commented that I was looking for a ghetto tree when I mentioned I wanted a white one. This of course makes me want it even more. How long will you wait before you put up your fab new white one?

  5. Aimee, Sounds like a fun father in law! I decided I wanted a white one last year but we couldn't afford it. I meant to buy one in July, I figured they would be cheep! Not so.. We are going to have this one for a long time, so, I got a nice one. I want to put it up the day after Thanksgiving, it is a tradition. But since I moved away from home, I have no had a tree or decorations...so I am excited.

  6. Oooo. I love that 1st image. We have been doing our prelit fake tree for years and I think(key word) we may opt for a real one this year. I love the idea of a white one though. Hmnnn.

  7. Oh, those are sooo pretty! I love a beautiful white Christmas tree, what a lovely inspiration!

    Camila F.


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