Monday, November 1

My home made costume

Elizabeth Taylor's Cleopatra (me) and white Tina Turner, just chilling on Halloween.
What did you do?

Head dress: paper plate, bib necklace: painted cotton, dress: safety pins!


  1. There is definitely an artist in residence here. :-0

    You two look fabulous. And I have to say, Jane hasn't aged in these last 19 (ouch, it pains me to say that!) years. Now how'd she manage that!?!

  2. I've finally been featured on the blog!! Woohoo!

    Nelya, thanks for the kind comments! It was an honor to party with Cleopatra. :)

  3. Those are great!!

    I did not dress up this year...just wasn't feeling it! Ha! I did make my son's fish bowl costume, nothing for me, though!

  4. Have you seen this?


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