Friday, March 4


My personal favorite from this new batch...I am going to miss Eladora.


  1. Who could blame you, it looks wonderful there. I have a pillow in that same Hable fabric. I like how it plays off your more traditional chair.

  2. Someone is a lucky guy or girl to get this one! And to echo Nelya, the Hable-covered chair is fantastic.

  3. It is beautiful! I would miss it too!! I still have your work on my wish list. We are working on some major home projects right now and once we are ready for art, you will be my first stop!

  4. Oooooh. Eldora is a sassy little thang! I am loving your schtuff!

  5. one of my FAVORITES. so happy for the new owners to have such a blitz of color in their lives, but sad you couldn't keep her for yourself!


    (and p.s. what's this hable textile thang i don't know about? am i late to the hable party? appears so.)


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