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Moxie is helping me out in the studio these days; she reminds me to play with her every few hours by poking me with her paw, cute pink little paw. Coco is off being anti-social in this photo, she is getting crotchety in her middle age.

On a side note, I used to run track when I was a wee lassie. I remember my first year at Regional, it was a late night race...I was super nervous, my folks were in the stands...I got so nervous that when the gun went off I peed myself, and ran the whole damn race with pee down my leg. I got second place.


  1. Love it when you have new stuff to ogle. Signed up-check. Puppy is adorable. Story is hilarious. Try giving birth to three children and see what that does to your sneeze reflex. I won't elaborate. ;0)

  2. Where the hell did that story come from? Totally random. I love it. And a great big Hells Yeah! for getting second place.

  3. Love unrelated side notes!
    Also wanted to say, (totally related) that your paintings are so inspiring. I have just started painting again, mainly landscapes and still life. Could you post a little bit about your inspiration, how you approach your pieces? I feel that I am good with color but abstract is something I still need to work on. thanks!

  4. Oh, you are such a talent. Can't wait to see all the goodness.

  5. ha! funny story with an awesome ending! :) I really really love your paintings by the way.

  6. Love your track story! When I was in high school during my first race, I tripped over every single hurdle in the 100 meter run. Alas, I did NOT come in second.

    These new painting are beautiful - so neat to see them all stacked together with the bright colors popping though!


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