Sunday, March 27


So after weeks of indecision...I finally just decided to shoot from the gut, and make all decisions at once! bam! bam! bam! So this is my kitchen, already (mostly) purchased and on the turning back.

Butcher block countertops

Stainless apron front sink
Chrome bridge faucet that I looooove

Satin brass hardware

Cabinets and walls will be painted Grant Beige by Benjamin Moore Historical collection in high gloss oil paint.

Still not decided on lighting. But I would like something vintage and unexpected for a kitchen...

And last but not least....barstools to go with my Ikea Stainless number. This I have not chosen yet...but they need (three) to be lightweight, easy to move and have to slide under the stainless number so no backs.  Something just like of eBay

Well, thats all folks. Any great barstool options?


  1. With all the stainless you are selecting what about some retro fifties style chrome barstools?

  2. Well YUM! How about some industrial looking stools...World market has them pretty cheap

    just a thought.

  3. Oh, baby. I love your gut instinct! Especially those counter tops and that sink. Girl, this is gonna look fantastic. I hope you get those tiles.

  4. Hi nice to meet you, came through Simple Lovely. Jody here, Kiwi living in Oakland. Love your blog and your decisiveness. We did a complete re-model for a year and most time spent on finding bar stools (!). I think I have met every bar stool in America. We needed swiveling (just because you do) and high backs, (because i'm ooold...),found some great plastic orange numbers in the end.

  5. Satin brass hardware deliciousness. YUM. The tile looks gorgeously tactile.

    I'll ponder the barstool situation.

    It will be awesome.

  6. While I have no barstool options to share, I am basking in the genius of all your selections so far ...The tile? The brass hardware? The butcherblock? It's all so glorious.

  7. Looooove iiitttt (singing). What about some Emeco stools? Or Marais knockoffs...$80 for 2? Brew ya.

  8. Just discovered your blog and your art...lovely! I'm absolutely in love with all of your kitchen choices so far! We have a hankering for anything vintage, including stool, and found a few goodies on this post a while #'s 1 and 7 are my faves:

  9. Ugh, these are killing me and I'm certain the price is equally deadly.

  10. The satin brass hardware just made me cry. It's so perfect. PERFECT. Great find. Your kitchen is going to be stunning. I'm inviting myself over. (Again.)

  11. The tile and the butcher block counter tops made me swoon with delight!!
    Found your blog through A Walk in the Closet and am loooving it!


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