Tuesday, March 29

Large paintings!

I painted so much this past week that I had one of those stress nightmares where you..well I don't know about you, but I have these dreams where I keep painting instead of talking and I just keep trying to paint and every color I put down is wrong...and no one knows what I mean.

Anyway, been meaning to upload these new things. Currently in Charlotte with Gregg Irby for a show, although if you are interested, you can contact me, as always.

Float away, 48x48  I just had to make a subdued, mellower painting. I personally would choose this one for my own home. I love the colors together, but they are so cozy.

 Cave, 36x36 Loving deep dark blue and green together. It reminds me of what it must be like inside a seed getting ready to burst in the ground and grow. Also, you can't tell, but there is silver shimmering on the deep blue, purdy.

Girlfriend, 48x48 This painting makes me want to sunbathe on a yacht...for some reason.

 Lantern, 24x24 Orange and pink and green! Fun!

Ecco, 48x36 I love the movement in this one, it feels deco to me, and I am digging the deep green.


  1. How do you make it look as though the paint is dripping or was it???!! Love these!

  2. Want every single one! Gorgeous work as always Michelle!

  3. Beautiful! I hope it was worth the stressful dreams. It certainly looks like it!

    I think "Girlfriend" and "Cave" are my favorites. I'm completely with you on the dark blue and green in "Cave" (and with that pink?!?!) Marvelous. The red spots in "Girlfriend" remind me of happies like fingernail polish and flower petals.


  4. Ooo, I love the moody blues and greens in "Cave" and "Girlfriend" feels like Spring incarnate.

  5. Just got "Riddle." Love it 1,000 times more in person. I love that what looked like a terracotta color is a shimmery copper. I'm running around trying it in different spots of the house and will send you a picture when it finds its home. Love these recent paintings too. I have very few big walls in my home, but quite a few spots for smaller pieces, so I will soon be back. Thank you! Patricia

  6. Float Away looks like a yummy melty banana split. Beautiful! (and now I'm hungry.)

  7. I love love "Cave" those greens are speaking to me! They are absolutely gorgeous! WOw, so much inspiration on your blog.

    Def. will subscribe...hope you can stop by.


  8. Oh my gosh Michelle. The top painting just sends me. The colors are perfection. So complex and interesting. Your work is stunning.

  9. you are so fucking talented!!

  10. Float Away is amazing! I would love to live with that painting!
    I have a blog where I pick my favorite painting every day. If that was a daily painting, I would have picked it for sure!

  11. gorgeous paintings.

  12. Ecco is killing me. I keep imagining it above my fireplace....

    Every time you post new stuff I am drooling and I want to buy a few.
    My husband said "If you think this is it, this is the one of her paintings that you really love then you should get it. But is she going to paint something else that you really love?"

    I told him that was a stupid question and he should think about things before he says them. Of course you are going to paint something else I will want. But how is it that sooooo many of your pieces really speak to me? I just want them to speak to me from my living room and not my computer screen.


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