Monday, March 21

New small paintings

In other news...reno is moving right along. Did I tell you we are having exterior reno too? The gable is getting a new look with cedar shingles and trim that isn't 100 years old and coated in gloopy paint, ewww. Painter is coming Wednesday for the kitchen cabinets. I am not going to show you pics until it is allll finished. Why? Because I changed my mind again! and I probably will again too. I am just making gut choices, not really following any inspiration. After paint comes dear.


  1. Can we talk about how much I love every single one of these please? Honestly, it's just not right. Suck.

  2. I have run into your work through several blogs.... your paintings are so beautiful, I will feature them on my blog one day soon if you don't mind. Great colors and fascinating compositions. Well done!

  3. These are so stunning I just send a client of mine over to check out YOUR work! Cereals. Just stunning. And I see most of them are already sold out, lady! VICTORY!

    heartses. xo


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