Wednesday, October 12

Bed linens

Before I got my studio, our master bedroom served as my base of operations. We still have heavy duty shelving in here that is going to be moved later this month. So we slept in another bedroom. The primary feature of the room, aside from the mahogany four poster, was the piles of canvases. Anyhoo, the room was depressing with a capital F! So, I though making the bed cozy would help. Now that our bedroom is back in its rightful spot, it feels even better!

Pillows and linens come from Les Indiens, and John Robshaw. Lamps are from Room and Board. You may remember I included them in a little fantasy post for my friend Jane. I couldn't stop thinking about them. To me they are perfect; soft light, love the fabric all over look with the sharp pleating, great size, nice proportions, on/off switch on the cord so no reaching up at night to turn off the light. Plus, they were on sale! Wandering Pods pillow from Furbish.

Love tons of patterns layered all over the place, it feels cozy to me. My rules are: Pattern should be repetitive, and geometric but not machine made. Block printing is perfect. Range of proportions is key, and I don't really worry about color, b/c I tend toward muted colors I think, and I like when things don't match. I prefer an eclectic, collected feel, with the luxury coming from quality, and texture versus flash. I chose this quilt b/c of the cotton batting, essential! Another great option is Virginia Johnson, btw.


  1. I love this!! SO CUTE~ I'm a complete bedding whore so I can totally relate.

  2. great work. that orange is the perfect shade. i love it!

  3. I would never, NEVER leave that bed. It's gorgeous.

  4. Where did you move your 'base of operations'? Sadly, mine is my dining room and kitchen. I'm ashamed to even say that!


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