Wednesday, October 26

Winners for Fifi Runn

Thank you to all you snazy people who wanted a doggy collar badly enough to write about Harrowing Poop Disasters.

Winning comment:

Higgins is a rescue dog that I swooped off the streets of Miami four years ago. He's big in all the wrong places and has scruff for days which makes him look like a distinguished old gentleman. In fact, by default, many people start calling him "Professor" or "Mr"-Higgins without prompting. Speculation is that if he could talk, he'd have an English accent and demand a cognac immediately.

He, like the Most Interesting Man in the World, has never had an embarrassing moment. He likes to create those for me-as a pup he had worms, unbeknownst to me, and was pooping everywhere. He had the uncanny ability to poop RIGHT IN FRONT of hot guys. One day we were walking on the main drag in Fort Lauderdale where he decided he needed to go, IMMEDIATELY. Thing is, we were outside of a crowded bistro and there were people eating outside. I'm trying to drag him away from pooping right in the middle of someone's brunch, when a table of dudes snickered, "how would you like it if someone ripped you off the toilet while you were going?" Um, would you rather my dog shit at your feet?

Also Winning comment: (also very fitting for the upcoming holiday)

We adopted Kouga from a local rescue group. He is so sweet and loving unless you're a tennis ball because he pops them in one bite.
His most embarrassing moment was when he was dressed up in a grass skirt complete with a coconut bikini top, and a long haired wig for the beachware contest. He didn't mind too much because he won the big basket of dog goodies and a gift card to the local dog bakery.

Seriously though, dog owners have to deal with some pretty gross stuff. I loved the comment about the dog who pooped on the kitchen counter. What? How do you react to that, too funny.

You will get an email ladies, so Shari can send you I mean your dog's new collars.


  1. wow! i don't know how HIggins and I topped the woman with the dog who pooped in an open house! I'm proud of my boy!

    Thanks so much!


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