Wednesday, October 19

Some of my new pieces

Here are a few of my favorite new pieces going up this week for the show at Gregg Irby Fine Art. (Gregg is a girl). If you are interested in them, they will be available after Friday, contact info in the listing on the shop.

Crazy Steve, 48x48 
I was just painting this, chatting with Buff, my shipping specialist/awesome assistant. When it occurred to me that this painting has a name...and his name is Steve. His friends call him Crazy Steve though.

Pumkin Bread, 48x48
Yes, I know it is misspelled, but that is totally my prerogative yo. Doesn't it feel cozy to you? I painted this on a sick day. I just couldn't sit around and not paint, so I spent like, all delirious day on this puppy.

Dingy, 24x24
I like to think of that orange scribbly line on the top left as the painting's mustache.

Resist, 48x60
Named after the t-shirts O designed a bajillion years ago that has a resistor on the front with the word Resist under it. I love hanging out with him when he is wearing it, you can totally tell who the major geeks are b/c they get it, and smile to themselves. If I were going to name this painting off the top of my head based on what it reminds me of it would be: "Underwater Stained-Glass Cotton Mouth."

Packbien, 24x24
I was totally listening to Harry Potter and the somethingorother when I was painting this. I would name it "Harvey Birdman" right now though. What the heck is a Packbien?


  1. Gorgeous paintings, marks and colors, Michelle! Though as usual, your hilarious commentary is stealing the show! Congrats on the shout-out on Oh Joy today too!

  2. Girl, you are a painting fool! How do you do it? I went to a gallery the other day and really got into that "I should really get my ass in gear and do some painting" mode. But I could never be as productive as you. I think I have Artist A.D.D..

  3. your work is beautiful, cheers!


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