Tuesday, October 25

Last day for Fifi Runn Giveaway

Thank you to everyone who came out to see the show on Friday. It was such great fun to meet everyone, and I am pretty sure I talked to every single person there. I am still tired. I will post photos as soon as I get them from my dad, he was so great, took photos of everything. He did teach me how to paint after all...

In other news, dude, I am almost still asleep right now, I had a dream where I was solving a crime (with Leslie Knope) for a woman from the 40's in a portrait who could talk. She was sad because in the end I bazookaed all the bad guys rambostyle. She wanted to do a trial or something I guess. I am such a badass in my dreams ya'll. 

In otherother news: today is the last day to enter in your pet's most embarrassing moment so everyone can cover their mouths and point to the computer screen and laugh in slow motion, of course. NO, so you can win a sweet collar for you or your pet. 

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