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My friend Shari is about as cool as they come. Seriously, she always knows the haps, and keeps me updated with the latest and greatest. In this case, the latest being her very cute and original dog collars. They all rock zippy colors and fresh motifs with an urban bend, I just love how cool they are. I know you agree on account of how fabulous your taste is. Want one?

Here is how it works: Leave a comment about your dog. Lets see...tell me what they would say to you right now if they could talk, like right this second. Or maybe tell me what your dog's most embarrassing moment would be if he could tell you. Just put as much effort into it as you would say a college entry essay, or your taxes. Yeah, that sounds about right. I will pick one to get a sweet-ass collar.

These would make a seriously cool Christmas gift y'all. Plus, 10% of proceeds go to a doggy charity every month.


  1. Higgins is a rescue dog that I swooped off the streets of Miami four years ago. He's big in all the wrong places and has scruff for days which makes him look like a distinguished old gentleman. In fact, by default, many people start calling him "Professor" or "Mr"-Higgins without prompting. Speculation is that if he could talk, he'd have an English accent and demand a cognac immediately.

    He, like the Most Interesting Man in the World, has never had an embarrassing moment. He likes to create those for me-as a pup he had worms, unbeknownst to me, and was pooping everywhere. He had the uncanny ability to poop RIGHT IN FRONT of hot guys. One day we were walking on the main drag in Fort Lauderdale where he decided he needed to go, IMMEDIATELY. Thing is, we were outside of a crowded bistro and there were people eating outside. I'm trying to drag him away from pooping right in the middle of someone's brunch, when a table of dudes snickered, "how would you like it if someone ripped you off the toilet while you were going?" Um, would you rather my dog shit at your feet?

  2. What my dog would say? Right this moment?

    "Hey, anybody out there?? Somebody come let me out of the kennel now, please? I said I'm sorry! Really, I am so very sorry! I'm sorry I ate your lunch. Yes, I know it was the last green chile cheeseburger. Yes, I know you worked out extra hard this morning, hating every minute of it but being pushed on by the image of that yummy, juicy burger waiting for you--I'm sorry!! I mean, I thought you were done--really! I did think it was kinda weird that there weren't any bite marks, but what do I know? I'm a dog! And, you have to admit, you did leave it on the counter just sitting there alone...hello? Can anyone hear me? Awe, come on...I'm sorry, ok?? Just let me outta here and I promise I won't do it again. I mean, I'm not hungry at all anymore, so there's no more threat--that thing was huge! And delicious! But I'm really, really, really sorry! ...Hello? Then could you at least bring me some more water, my tongue is on fire in here!"

    Thanks for the fun giveaway. It took my mind off my growling tummy.

  3. Giiirl!! Those collars are so very rad~ I would love to enter and create a proper essay but truth be told? I just don't have that type of creativity in me today. I'm in business plan hell at work AND also have to make a trip to the DMV later.
    You feelin' me? ;)

    Anyhoo! Our dogs are amazing little creatures. Both rescues, both spoiled and both the doggie loves our our lives.

    This is Sidney (aka Little Black Dog)

    And this is Little (aka Little Pickle)

    And if anyone's interested in really cute dogs? You can read more about them here.

    Happy Monday!!

  4. Damnit. I wish I had a dog right now. I guess I could ask if anyone knows a good place to get an Argentina Dogo without breaking the bank? We've been looking and hoping, but just not having any luck finding a puppy under $1200.00. Gees!

  5. Two Christmases ago, I was at the dog park with my dog Max, and he peed on someone's shoe! He intentionally chose to peed on this guy's shoe. So embarrassing, but thankfully he just laughed.

  6. Thanks for the well wishes, Michelle. I'm glad you found me. Your paintings are gorgeous!

  7. Dude, I'm putting my hat in the game on behalf of my girl, Jen (Sunsets and Swimming Pools). As an honorary auntie to her pups, I'm totally convinced these two spend a lot of time gabbing about us behind our backs and possibly (likely) think I'm a total idiot. Take Sidney, the lab, for example. Jen and I will be hanging in the pool, having some beers, and suddenly I'll turn around and Sid's lounging all cool, calm and collected on the raft. You know, the one I'd be thinking of getting on if it weren't for fear of making a total ass out of myself (see beers above). It's like she's saying, "Yeah, I know I'm stealth. Jealous?" Oh, and Little? I just have this feeling she speaks Spanish. And makes a meaaaaan queso dip. Come to think of it, I bet her most embarrassing moment would be coming in second at some kind of salsa challenge. Seriously, that broad has mad flava, yo.

    P.S. I promise if I win I will NOT put this on my kid before passing on to Jen. Er, something.

  8. This collars are just absolutely ridonkulous (in the best way possible). I guess my dog Prudence's most embarrassing moment, which is also one of mine, would be the time we were on a walk during our city's annual "Blues Festival." I wanted to stop at the ticket booth to get passes for the pub crawl that evening, but to do so required crossing a very busy, very crowded street. Well, as luck would have it, Prudence gets incredibly... motivated... in her bowels.. when she's nervous and nothing makes her more nervous that crowds and loud noise (like blaring blues music). So, during our street crossing, she decided to do her business in front of everyone. If matters weren't worse enough, I had forgotten to restock poo bags, so a cop had to keep traffic immobile while I ran into the seediest of our local bars to get napkins. It was the. worst.

    (and my email.. just in case.. is

  9. Love these collars! My dog's most embarrassing moment happened while she was staying at my parents. She actually got on their counter and took a deuce there! But I guess it's more embarrassing for me her mom!!

  10. We adopted Kouga from a local rescue group. He is so sweet and loving unless you're a tennis ball because he pops them in one bite.
    His most embarrassing moment was when he was dressed up in a grass skirt complete with a coconut bikini top, and a long haired wig for the beachware contest. He didn't mind too much because he won the big basket of dog goodies and a gift card to the local dog bakery.

  11. Well, you are familiar with Fabio, so no real need for introductions.

    A few years ago, Fabio and I noticed that one of our neighbors was having a moving sale. In fact, it was one of the model townhomes that the builder had staged and now was getting rid of the furniture. We decided to take a look. So we go on up to the 3rd floor to scope out the bedroom furniture.

    The carpet is a lovely cream color.

    Suddenly, Fabio squats and lays down a giant log in the middle of the room, onto the lovely cream-colored carpet. I start to freak out a little, given that this is someone's brand new home.

    Luckily, I had a plastic bag in my pocket. I swoop down, pick up the poop and stuff it into my pocket. Oh yes, my pocket. And then we swiftly exit.


  12. Ok, I have another one.

    A few years ago, Fabio and I were invited to Thanksgiving at Wendy's house. It was a potluck kind of Thanksgiving, so everyone brought something yummy. One person brought a "bread roll turkey".

    What the hell is a bread roll turkey? Well, it's a bunch of rolls that are baked together in the shape of a turkey. It's a big ole thing of bread, basically. The break turkey was placed in the center of a very long table.

    Since the bread turkey was kinda big, a few appendages were hanging off of the table. Fabio noticed this and devised a scheme... He jumped onto a chair, then a lap and then hurled his body onto the bread turkey, where he was able to snatch the entire head of the turkey and run away.

    Man oh man was he proud of himself. I was a bit embarrassed, but also quite pleased with his ingenuity.


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