So many new pieces! And OKL

Ok, I am going to send out a newsletter on Monday. I promise this time that I am actually going to do it. I am going to have to start looking for a new assistant again. Sigh...Its so hard! Why is it so hard? I need time to source new ideas...actually just to execute the bajillion ideas I have. I am an idea factory people. What good are they if they just float around my brain bumping into thoughts of burgers and Valentino and embarrassing childhood memories? I digress, of course. There are so many new paintings in my shop y'all! Come on down.

Also, quick note: Check out my work on OKL for discounted prices on amazing prints! On canvas and paper. Go on... Scoot.

I did a series of 20x20 on wood panel. They are framed in my favorite maple floating frames with black interiors (ooohhhh, sexxyyy). They also have a super high gloss enamel finish on them.
April, Edward, and Kurth.

Also there is Burry, 36x36 acrylic on gallery wrap canvas. Next up. Dark n' Stormy, 48x48 acrylic on gallery wrap canvas.

And my personal favorite, at least Dolce. 48x48 as well.


  1. I have two of your lovely paintings and this is the exact frame I chose for both. :)

    1. Wonderful! I love it so much, its style number 2008 from Franken Frames. Its my all time fave :) Send me pics!!

  2. Dark n Stormy = my fave. I love how it's a little dark and twisty (Grey's Anatomy-style) then has those bright pops of gold and robin's egg lovely!

  3. Nice! I have a small print of Blarney :) and also put in a maple frame; seems to offset the color/excitement of the print. Love your work!

  4. Oh me oh my, Dolce is indeed sweet and delicious. Love it!

  5. All kinds of gorgeous. I want them all...but I think that would spark an issue between me and the husband.


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