Pinterest reaches inside and sees your soul II

1. I have noticed that I am so drawn to rooms with white or very pale walls. It was a real "oh snap" moment because I seem to want to go white, but then I change my mind every time. Just about every room I love is also layered with a lot of art, and doesn't lean too much in any design direction. I would have described my style this way before the pinterest revelation, but its easier to seeee it.

Creamy walls! Tall ceilings! Pops of color.

Really love the white theme with black accents. Sexy no?

So much art! I love this place.

Ok, lets look at a few more. I can't choose which ones are best...

Ok, so this kitchen down there really makes me yearn. Feelings of yearning in my loins for this baby.

SO this means I am going to finally get on my hump and buy white/ creamy paint for our bedroom. I already ordered our bed, it will take 12-19 weeks. Really? Really??

Did Pinterest give you the courage to do something in your home that you would't have thought to do?


  1. Pinterest actually gave me the courage to NOT do things in my home. For example, I have high ceilings and white walls and there were two spots (above a row of low bookshelves and above a fireplace) that I thought, obviously, needed art. A gallery wall, even. It seemed like the only choice. But then I scrolled through my Pinterest and realized that I really, really like big bare walls. It was scary to intentionally decide on blank spaces - I didn't want people to think my house was cold or empty or unfinished - but it feels better to me and it reassuring nice to see it in successful action.

    1. Dude! Awesome! I love that you went with your gut and now you like how it feels better. I worry sometimes too that people will come over and thing I am a crazy old witch :) Its funny how much perception plays into it. I mean, its our own home!

  2. I painted our entire house in creamy white...Benjamin Moore Acadia White. Serene and clean...a blank slate for artwork. Go for it. Oh, and I pinned that last kitchen too...perfection

    1. Ok, stored in my brain bank! I am actually dreaming of painting the parlor too! I can't stop!


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