Monday, October 21

Random list of cool stuff y'all


1. This is awesome!

2. I am buying a lot of Josef Albers lately. This is a good source.

3. I love OKL's art. Not just because I have a lot of stuff for sale there. This photo makes me smile.

4. I bought these shoes and I wear them all the time. I think these are perfect.

5. I dreamed last night that I got an email confirmation for the nine non refundable cruise tickets I bought on a whim months before...I was dreaming that I was telling my sister that I was dreaming that, but then I woke up and it was real. Then I woke up in real life and checked my email just to be sure because I was so disoriented. I also slept through my alarm. Who does that? I slept right through my workout and woke up with a pounding heart, drenched in sweat. Great start to the week right!

1 comment:

  1. I concur. All cool stuff. Love your Rachel Comey shoes--I usually WANT to like her shoes only to conclude that they look too orthopedic on me. Yours, however, are just plain hot.


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