Tuesday, October 8

Pinterest reaches inside and sees your soul

Ok, thats a little dramatic. No. Its not. Just go with it. So have you ever just looked at all of your own pins? I have. First thought: Damn I have great taste. Second thought: hey! I see some patterns. Lets explore shall we?

1. I like jackets and solids...



and accessories too. Layers! Hm...quite a Chanel pattern we have going on here.

2. When it comes to jewelry I like organic shapes, repeating patterns, and zero frills but plenty of texture!

PS. my favorite ring! PPS. Layering is the way to go.


I have also seen patterns regarding hair! textiles! wall color! furniture choices! vacation fantasies!
What about you?


  1. Yes! Pinterest has really made me conceptualize what my personal style looks like. I do see patterns in color palettes, types of photographs I connect with and fashion I am drawn to. It sounds weird to say but it has taught me a little about myself and made me more of a discerned shopper. I frequently find myself asking, "Would I pin this?" :)

    1. So fun! Its helping me shop, and stick to things that I know that I love. And be brave enough to try styles that I keep pinning and never go for in real life.

  2. Totally. Mine reveals that I love mountains and whitespace and wind-whipped hair and desserts. Style-wise, I apparently aspire to dress like a wealthy beach bum. I'm not convinced all of these things are compatible and yet they all feel perfectly right for me so what's a girl to do but keep on pinning.

    1. Ha awesome! I think its super helpful to actually curate your own style, and learn from it! Dessert...yum!

  3. This was so funny Michele- I have actually gone to look at my pins before and thought "Damn guurrrl. Go you!" haha
    I agree with Nicole- it has really helped me get an idea of what my style is too. Also, every season, I pin things and then check my board once I've collected a ton and make a "mood board" for the season. I'm notorious for shopping, and then hating it all and wondering why my style doesn't look like what I want it to, so that's really helping.
    Michele, I always love what your pinning!

    1. Its fun! Its making me learn to just trust my gut, b/c I keep wanting to go in the same direction, obviously, but I don't trust myself it seem. I am glad that you like what I am pinning, I only pin things that I really, truly love.


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