Friday, October 25

November 8th Artist Talk at Gregg Irby Fine Art

Sooo, remember how I have a show every year at Gregg Irby Fine Art? Well, this year we are changing things up and I am doing an "artist talk" on Friday, November 8th at the gallery at 12:30pm.

Daytime baby. Update y'all. Its going to be webcast! Not live, but it will go up on this blog. Thanks for your interest in that. I guess I have to go practice in front of a mirror now.

Also, what will I be talking about? Topics include but are not limited to: Recurring dreams, The role of tomato sauce in the painter's life, How much Harry Potter is too much?, The power of the power nap, Having it all, aaaaaannnd how awesome is my husband? Spoiler alert. Pretty much perfect.

This year, as you know, I have been working at a reduced capacity. I was kindareally stressing out about this earlier this year but you know what? I have decided that I can take control of the situation and embrace the fact that I have fewer pieces, and not beat myself up just because I couldn't produce the roughly 50 paintings required for a solo show. I put my heart and soul into the paintings I did create, they are special to me because I have been slowly building up my strength over the past several weeks (cuz I be getting better y'all) and they represent a phase of experimentation and re-birth in all aspects of my life. I am going to talk about all of these issue soon, but I want to let it soak in a bit first.

Here are a few of the paintings that will be available starting the 8th, and I will be adding more as they become available. This year we will be including many pieces on paper too, framed up nice and purdy and perfect for layering or grouping.

Paintings from the top:
1. Dennis. 36x60 inches. 
2. Bubble Tea. 48x48.
3. Rather Like You. 48x48
4. Vapor. 48x60.


  1. I really like 'Dennis'...any chance there will be a webcast of your talk?

    1. Julie. Great idea. I will look into that!

  2. Trick question. There is no such thing as too much Harry Potter.

  3. I want to hear your talk! Webcast please. :) Love the paintings. I agree with Kris, never enough Harry Potter.

  4. love them all but obsessed with #3!!! you are amazing with your colors. such an inspiration.

  5. julie is full of the brilliance. you SHOULD do a webcast. i know O can make this happen.
    also gorgeous paintings as usual.

  6. Vapor. I need Vapor in my life! And a webcast in my life would be super dope too. ; )

  7. Wow, love your art and I would love to hear your talk.

  8. Oh Michelle these are stunning. It feels like the extra space and time you were able to give these really led to lovely ideas -- but not in an over-bearing, whoa-you're-over-working-that-idea kind of way. It feels just right. It feels deeper, richer. I love this new attention to detail, particularly the little orange-encircled bubblies in Bubble Tea. I can't tell if I'm at the mouth of a cave or under the ocean or scaling a glacier, and I want to look and look and keep on looking until I find out. Wonderful.

    I have been trying to pull back on POSTING so much (i.e., weed out the crap, only post the good stuff) but it leaves one feeling anxious, like I'm not "getting out there" enough. But then I'm also posting less stuff so I can put together promos and pursue editorial, so I guess I'm "getting out there" plenty, just in different ways. Does this non-stop anxiety-o-matic ever stop? Or slow down?

    I'll be curious to see how your recharging phase has gone for you. From the looks of things -- from my outside vantage point a way out here -- it seems like it's gone well.

    1. Hi Maggie, thanks for your comment! I have been spending a lot longer with each canvas, and letting them linger in my studio for longer too. Its not very different from how I normally paint, but the difference is that I have so little energy compared to what I used to have that I need to nuture my energy instead of spread it around and use it up every day by painting as much as possible. Have you tried instagram? Its easier to post quickly there, just a thought. Good for you for choosing the right priorities for yourself and directing your energy where it will be used best. No, the anxiety doesn't stop, you have to make it stop by telling yourself again and again that you are on your own right path and not compare yourself with anyone else! Its a constant struggle:0

      I feel very good lately! Most days are great, some days are just ok, only a few days, like once a week are terrible. So, I am "on the road to recovery" I am going to write a blog post about it, but its so loaded, this issue, b/c it deals with doctors, and it has taken so freaking long to diagnose, and my fertility struggle made me sicker/made more infirtile..its such a freaking emotional and hot topic to talk about. Plus...I am tired of hearing myself say I am sick, so I need to find a way to end up on top of the situation, and I don't want to write about that until I am actually really on top :)

      I have some very new, and very different work coming out soon too. I am excited and fearless about trying new things. Do you find that if you are struggling in life that it changes your art? I am sure it must!


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