Friday, February 16

Temple St. Clair Carr's homey home

I also love this shot of her dining room. That Saarinen table and vintage chairs. But those lamps, wow. I love those, I have to find some like that, I will post them if I find some, now I have to hunt for those too!

Via Ell Decor, this photo shoot is from September 2006, but I keep looking at it, I love her mix of very crafty, hand-made looking pieces with modern and clean lines. I want that bed, she had it custom made, a nice take on a four poster bed, not fussy at all, and I love that her sheets are mixed and matched but still look so neat and clean. Oh and that side table, hm, gives me ideas for that dot wood trim there, doesn't it completely update the look of that side table? I would use all of the pattens from Lena Corwin's pillow cases.

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  1. lovely home! the light is the best part for me though...


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