Monday, February 19

And when it was time for a post-nap coffee

I would love this cup to drink just about anything from. I wonder how you clean under that little chair though...This lovely cup is part of Moma's Argentinian design extravaganza, designed by Lola Goldstein. I personally would buy everything. I have long loved the foksey, vibrant and colorful art that comes from Argentina, my mother is from Buenos Aires, you would think I should be entitled to a cow hide rug, it should be part of the constitution or something, but no, no rugs for children of Argentinians. jejejejejejeje


  1. This is very nice!

    When I was a kid, I remember for a while there were coffee cups that had thing inside like this. I think I bought one for my mom which had a cow inside. Those cups of my childhood were very cheezy.

    This cup is beautiful and sophisticated!


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