Tuesday, February 13

Vinotagz by Modern Twist

These Vino Tagz (get it jejejej) by Modern Twist are on I heart Lux, has these lovies up right now, $14 for a pack of 6! Dude!

Whew, These are so adorable. I was actually just thinking about how to invent a cute coaster that would stay attached to your glass so you could tell it apart at a party, AND keep furniture dry...Now I don't have to! These are a great way to lable a glass AND still get cutesy coasters like these.

I love the colors too, and whispy pattern, yummy! Thanks Jessica from Shiny Squirrel.

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  1. I hope you like the site because I am the fashion writer. I am trying to get more people to go to the site and see what is going on there because there some lovely finds!

    hope all is well with you!


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