Monday, February 26

Show Pony via etsy

Oh my goodness, this pillow is wonderful, made by Show Pony via Etsy. The design is printed on fair trade cotton, silk screened by hand and designed to show images of bugs and thorns under the folds on the front of the pillow. I love it! the print is beautiful in itself, but then there is this wonderful hidden reality and it tells this lovely little story. Oh my, this little lovely just made my night! Mom, this would be a great birthday gift...ahem ahem.

Cheers, ok, this time, really off to work.

Etsy :: Bugs - cream oblong cushion

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  1. absolutely adorable. I love this pillow and think it has such subtle print and detail.

  2. Your blog is a real gem! Thanks for stopping by... now I have discovered you! (:


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