Wednesday, February 21

Lets bring sexy back

My confession for the day, not that it will become a regular practice, is that i am sick and tired of most fashion trends today, I am totally acting like an old lady lately, but seriously, half of the photos of women on the Sartorialist, god love him, are women wearing sacks or layers of god knows what and glorifying the shapelessness. Not just here though, everywhere I look, it seems to be all I see...I think we forgot that women have shapes, all kinds and I for one, would love to see more of a fashion trend (the huge ones that everyone follows like baby doll dresses, flats, gaucho pants, baggy sweaters, balloon get the picture) that glorifies shape, shape SHAPE. Sooo, I decided to shop for sexy vavoom shoes...that are still as wearable as flats, and give the booty a little boosty. Enjoy. Check out other sexy (and utilitarian and flat and canvas and equally glorious) shoes here at GravityPope.

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