Wow, I can't believe that Thanksgiving is this week! I have been in la la land. First O and I had a death in the family, and then, we realized that our preferred wedding venue, Serenbe, is not preferred after all. I will not bad mouth them, but you can email me if you want a candid opinion.

So I have been doing tons of research and I thought I would ask you wedding veterans out there for your opinion. I am thinking of the Four Seasons or the Ritz Carlton, sounds pricey, but actually, not as pricey as renting a venue and paying for a caterer, and much less hassle. Anyone been to a large party or reception around Atlanta that you liked? Any suggestions?

I just want to be clear, Serenbe is a great place, it may not work for our own wedding, but I have talked to many people who have had a wonderful experience having a wedding there, and I think that it could be really special for the right bride.


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss.

    Such a shame the venue you had in mind wasn't all it promised to be - but I'm sure you'll find a place to have the perfect wedding!

  2. Hope you and O are doing ok, big hugs from down under.

    I can't help because I don't live in the States but I hope lady luck is on your side for the reception venue!

    I'm curious though... have you chosen your wedding colours? :)

  3. Sorry to hear this sad news on both accounts. I emailed my wedding expert friend who knows all the best places to get married in Atlanta, and I copied you on the email. She's a super busy person, but hopefully you'll get some good recommendations from her soon.

  4. Leigh, thanks so much. I would love to see you two while you are in Atl!

  5. Hey there, I'm so sorry to hear about the death in your family. I hope you and O are hanging in there.

    Wish i knew wedding venues....leigh sounds like she might have great ideas!

    xo joanna

  6. I am having my wedding at serenbe, I would love to hear your opinion before I get too far down this road!



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