Plugging away...I had been out of commission painting for a few days b/c of my neck, darn neck. I went to my wonderful massage therapist and he made me cry, it was almost as painful as when I broke two toes dancing around in the kitchen...make sure there are no doorways with lots of hard, wooden trim around when you do that...and today, I am free and well and I got that painting feeling.

Seriously though, go see him if you live in Atlanta, or visit, he is amazing, and sweet and wholesome and cute as pie.


  1. I love seeing people's studio spaces. That work in progress looks really cool. Is it oil? My man is an oil painter, and I have been meaning to try it forever!

    Hope your neck feels better soon.

  2. Oh I love your painting you're working on! Such lovely colors and shapes!

    I hope you enjoy your painting today, and I hope your neck feels better! :(

  3. Is it oil or acrylic?

    Either way this is so beautiful, and I love how the white highlights look like bursting firework sparks. :)

  4. TWO broken toes while dancing in the kitchen? Oh no! I managed to break one toe once but that was because I fell down the stairs.

    The painting looks wonderful; can't wait to see the results, and hope your neck is better soon. :(

  5. The paintings are looking fabulous, and the photo in general is just gorgeous. Glad that your back is back in order!

  6. I think there should be an emergency room where you could get massages if you had an urgent need.


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