Wednesday, November 28


I don't know why I think I live in some Victorian novel where ladies have a ready supply of tea goodies on hand for callers and a salon with a fireplace and cozy chairs to sit on and make friendly conversation...but for some reason I feel like I need more serving platters and what-not. I have been looking for antique silver on eBay...but this is what really makes me smile. I just found this shop via Decor8...Huset-Shop!

I love this Bengt & Lotta 3-Level Serving Tray.


  1. Now I want to have a Christmas tea! That would be a fun excuse to gather the Atlanta bloggers I want to meet...

  2. Yes, I am with you regarding the sudden desire for serving pieces. When do I ever entertain? Still, a pretty tiered tray like that can be used for loads more than just cucumber would make a great display for pretty little knicknacks.

  3. I've been looking for one of those serving trays for my those earrings and necklaces I use daily and never put away (because I'm too lazy). I'm hoping to make a flea market find...

  4. ...I obviously meant 'use often', I don't use all my earrings daily.:) Sorry about that, I was reading about academic citation standards and when I stopped after midnight my brain was all fuzzy.


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